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General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by Pumpkin Shepherd on June 11, 2016, 11:31:06 AM »
Not a bad start for me so far. Looking back on records I'm ahead of any past year. I have 4 plants, all 6-8 feet. Best one is the 1676.5 Daletaswith a pumpkin showing near the end that should be at 10 feet for a June 22 or so pollination, followed closely by a 1733 Kline. I am growing a squash for the first time this year and so far it looks great too (1024 Daho). The only sad story is the 1916 Barren, one I really wanted to grow. It started out an odd flat vine, then it wouldn't lay down and eventually snapped (sorry Brad for all the trouble to get the seed to me, but thanks for the chance). Good thing I had a back-up planted in the same hoop house so I now have another 1733 Kline growing there as well. Other stuff I'm growing all looks pretty good; Sunflowers, Corn, Long Gourds, Cabbage, Rutabaga, Carrots, Parsnip, Bushel Gourds, Peppers,..... yes, there's more.....Tomatoes, Kohlrabi, Runner Beans, Marrow, Field Pumpkins ..... what the heck was I thinking. The only thing doing nothing is my watermelon. I've tried to grow them before with no luck. They were started Mid April indoors and went outside Mid May. They are now vining out and should be reaching close to 4 inches very shortly. Good luck Everyone.
General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by Whiz on June 11, 2016, 05:16:59 AM »
Nothin too exciting happening here.  It has been cold all week.  Froze twice.  Lots of my plants have row cover on them still so I don't know what is alive or not.  Most of the outside stuff can handle some cold so I assume they will be fine.  Just haven't had time to pull off the covers yet.
Carrots and celery started out fine then one by one died.  I have one carrot left (I should name it Survivor) and no celery.  I started a couple of carrots way late so they prob wont amount to a whole lot.  I have some cabbage and kohlrabi that got a little pot bound but are now in the ground and look good.  Sunflowers got started way too late then something got into them and ate them all but one so there is one lonely sunflower and some late started corn. 
As for pkins, they are doing fine.  All about six feet long.  A few have got pulled already.  I start four in each spot.  I am down to two in each spot.  2008 Neptune has nice big leaves, 1733 Kline is a healthy looking plant but is growing in weird directions, one secondary is as long as the main but all others are short.  It is growing so it stays for now.  Other hut has two of my own 1683's.  They look identical to each other.  Nice and green and tidy looking plants. 
I am now waiting for some sunshine and warmth. 
Happy growing to everyone.
General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by phunt on June 10, 2016, 06:14:39 AM »
Burrrrr! The early morning temps here the past 2 days have been down to a low of 3 degrees. Thank god there wasn't any frost or we would have been done for the season. Warmer days ahead or at least that is what those dirty, lying weatherman keep telling me. LOL.

Anyone else out there want to share their start to the season? 

All the best to all the Canadian growers who signed up for the first 1-ton challenge.

Jane & Phil
General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by Dutch Brad on June 09, 2016, 10:55:38 AM »
Sounds like I'm in a bit better shape than you guys. Except for one marrow seed, all my giants germinated this year and have survived till now, except the 2230 Wallace which was a mess and got pulled. Pretty much all Canadian and Dutch seeds. The 1683 Warner is closing in on the 14ft mark. The 1733 Kline is much smaller. Got 2x 149.5, a 122.88 Eaton and a 141.31 Kline LG going. Also five FPs including the 140 Crews (leading the pack) and 159 Butler. Got a few Hunt rutabagas going and Nieuwenhoff sunflowers. Other than that an awful lot of other giant veg. Bound to lose quite a few as the year progresses, but at the moment looking okay. Night temps are still around the 50F mark, so we could do with some warmer nights.
General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by cowpie on June 09, 2016, 10:32:16 AM »
My best pumpkin plant is out about 6 feet. My second best is about 5 feet which is amazing in that it is a replacement plant as my other one died due to a heater not working about a month ago. I have spent a lot of time and money on my full sized green house and had a 5 footer growing in there. Something got in there during the night last Sunday and ripped it entirely out of the ground. It was probably a racoon going after the fish fertilizer. I reburied it and put in a pathetic looking replacement plant that's been forgotten in the basement as I didn't think I'd need it. What's truly amazing is that plant that was entirely bare rooted hasn't given up the ghost yet. There was no secondary rooting yet it didn't wilt too much. I can't say it's growing but fingers crossed it survives.

Also despite being fenced in, something got into my sunflowers and ripped them up too. They didn't make it. :(
General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by phunt on June 09, 2016, 07:36:29 AM »
Hey John, I'm with you on hoping to make it to a weigh off. After last season's crappy season (only had one offical pumpkin @ 964#), our main goal is to get to more than 1 kin to a weigh off. With any luck, it'll be a big one. :o).

One thing I forgot to mention is that we started our seeds on April 20th & had the plants in the ground on May 1st. We also used a homemade Co2 mixture in our hoophouses until the plants were out of their huts. Heating cables & small heaters were used in the huts throughout the month of May. I really think the Co2 helped & the heating cables & heaters were a must to get this good of start.

We hope this helps. Good luck.
Jane & Phil

General Discussion / Re: Very Quiet Board
« Last post by John B. on June 08, 2016, 03:42:33 PM »
I'm growing 3 kins and 1 squash , put in 2 plants in every hoop and got corn seed maggot ,lost 6 out of 8 plants, gone are the 996 Haist , 1338 Martin and back ups, of my main plants, ok are the 1683.5 Warner out about 6 ft and the 1317 Clements about 8 ft out by far my best plant.The other kin is now the 1119 Johnston dmg. My squash is down to the 776 Butler and 1109 Pierpont thanks to Joel Jarvis. Still undecided which one to pull the 776 looks the best but 1109 is catching up. Gourds all look good just put them in the ground yesterday the line up is 122.88 ,137, and 149.5 Eaton ,141.31 Kline, 139.38 Ansem, and 126.75 Hain. Corn, sunflowers, field pumpkins and tomatoes all are doing well.
No sandbaggen here just hope to make it to a weighoff
good luck to all
General Discussion / Very Quiet Board
« Last post by phunt on June 08, 2016, 07:39:20 AM »
Man, this board has been very quiet for the 1st part of the season. I guess everyone is keeping their season a secret for now. Just to get everyone warmed up, we thought we'd share our early start to the season. Many growers accuse us that we're sandbagging you all every year, so I thought we'd share our season so far. 

For Jane & I, our greenhouse plant isn't doing well. It's @ 4-5' now. Hopefully it can catch up some extra growth in Sept, when we can keep it warmer than outside temps at night. This plant was a back-up to a back-up. I can't tell you the seed or you all will be wanting one. ;o).

For the plants outside, the cold temps have slowed them a little, but not much. All 3 are out of their hoophouses & open to those damn hard winds. They can screw off anytime, as they have broken many leaves. We finally got 1.75" of rain on Sunday & Monday, after a long dry spell & that has helped fill up all our big tanks.

Our biggest (2059 Daletas) is @ 15' long. We've taken 3 kins off the main so far, but have another ready to open in about a week, with another one in the growing tip. Our 1724 Hunt is also doing well, with a 9' main & a pumpkin visible in the main growing tip. Should be @ 11-12' out & @ 10  days before it opens. Our last pumpkin is the 2323 Meier. It was our strongest plant, but started double vining at 8' & wouldn't stop. We terminated the main at 9' & used the closest secondary as our new main. It is currently @ 12', with a pumpkin showing in the growing tip. It should be open in about 10 days. The way the plants are growing, we should have nearly all the vines buried by mid July.

We have also started 6 maters, a couple turnip & rutabagas. No melons, LG or FP this year as we don't have the time to tend to those & the pumpkins too. 

So, is there anyone else that would like to share their start to the season?

We wish you all the best this season. Take care & good luck.

Jane & Phil
General Discussion / Re: We have Extra Tomato plants
« Last post by Simon Southwell on June 01, 2016, 09:51:14 AM »
Hi Mr. & Mrs. Veitch,

If no one is interested in any of your tomatoes, I would love to give a couple a good home and try to get my master growers patch? P. S. do you know what the different veggies are that you need and their sizes for the master grower patch? I know you live in the Bracebridge area, but I wasn't able to go to your garden tour so I would need some directions and would June 8th in the afternoon or evening work for you?
Here's my email address if you want to send me direction: or call and leave a message 705-426-4524

Thanks so much,

General Discussion / Re: Long Gourds Thank you Al Eaton
« Last post by JReid on May 31, 2016, 04:09:26 PM »
Jim found 4 more seeds, followed the germination tips, they have all germinated, hopefully not too late.
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