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General Discussion / woodbridge Photos
« Last post by paul schweigert on November 12, 2014, 06:59:36 PM »
I would like to get 3 pictures from the weigh off at Woodbridge this year
picture of Greg Montgomery with his  Squash
picture of the 1015.5 Sundin  HDW
picture of  me and my  Squash
Please send them to this address

General Discussion / Re: Guinness World Records
« Last post by Spudley on November 12, 2014, 03:46:27 PM »
* = official but not in Guinness
Meaning? If you want to get in the Guinness World Book of Records you at the very least need to apply. They do not search the world over looking for people who have broken giant veggie records. It's up to the grower to supply the verification info and thereby asking for acceptance and a certificate.
I can come up with many more examples of folks claiming world record status but never did applied with Guinness. Some legit I'm sure but some are not.
There are those folks out there for whatever reason don't care or recognize Guinness as the true record keeper of the giants. IMHO this is creating a mess of the records. I ask all of you to regardless of all of those unofficial claims you read about online. To go online sign up/register with Guinness and become a member, it's free and easy. Then using them as your records reference file a claim according to their records. Maybe that will refocus the spotlight on the records not the individual.   
General Discussion / Re: Applying Lithovit/RTI CalCarb
« Last post by phunt on November 12, 2014, 06:33:40 AM »
Yes, Only Lithovit is available in Canada & Europe, while CalCarb is only available in the US. Good luck.

Jane & Phil
General Discussion / One Last Time for Sally
« Last post by Big Kahuna 12 on November 11, 2014, 04:36:09 PM »
Here is a rundown of Sally's celebration of life this past Sunday in Owen Sound.

Saugeen Shores

Hundreds gather to celebrate life of Sally Hunt, a ?beautiful, wild soul?    
By Christine Bennett

 Monday, November 10, 2014 12:59:53 EST PM
PORT ELGIN - A sea of orange shirts and Boston Bruins jerseys flooded the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound Sunday, when hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the life of Sally Hunt, a prominent local resident known and loved for her immense contributions to the community.

Hunt, a driving force behind Pumpkinfest and many other community events, lost her battle to an advanced, aggressive, and incurable cancer last Tuesday.

On Sunday, Hunt was remembered as a strong, courageous, fun-loving woman, who lived her life to the fullest, on her own terms.

Guests were asked to wear orange to the event, to honour two of Hunt?s passions: pumpkins and the Boston Bruins.

John Hunt, her brother-in-law, said he and his brother Rick had a rule that you had to be a Bruins fan to marry into the family.

?Unfortunately, a few Leafs fans snuck through when Rick and I weren?t paying attention, but there was no problem with that as far as Sally was concerned,? he said. ?She was a Bruins fan from the day I met her... It was hard to keep up with her. She knew more about what was going on that I did.?

Hunt?s mother, Jan Chamberlain, an outgoing Owen Sound councillor, asked Maryann Thomas, chair of the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area board of directors, to say a few words at the celebration.

?I think Jan thought Pumpkinfest should really be called Sallyfest. To her, it was a celebration of her daughter?s remarkable achievements to organize and pull off a major community event,? Thomas said.

Hunt?s brother, Brian Chamberlain, also spoke, and began by addressing his brother-in-law, Rick. Brian said he visited his sister often after her diagnosis, and they spoke about Rick. He told her their love never seemed in doubt, and she smiled and agreed.

?She summed up the relationship by saying, ?He has always been a good friend.? I can?t think of a more honouring statement from a wife to a husband. To be married and in love is understood. To truly be friends is a great accomplishment for any couple in any marriage,? he said.

Chamberlain then thanked Rick for giving Hunt the best years of her life, saying that they truly did love and cherish each other exactly as they promised they would 13 years ago, in the very same room the celebration was held Sunday.

He said he initially struggled to find the words to capture what Hunt meant to the family, let alone to everyone else, and then he realized the answer was in the messages the family had received.

Those messages described Hunt as beautiful, bright, smart, funny, vibrant, kind, inspirational, wild, sharp, witty, and multiple people mentioned the smile that was always on her face.

?The final message I personally will take from Sally?s life is to recognize joy in each moment. That wisdom made her the bright light that she was, and we should all aspire to do that just a little better. And as we do that, her light will continue to shine,? he said.

Joanne Robbins, general manager of the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce, was there to pay tribute to a woman she ?admired and loved.?

?Sally didn?t enter our lives quietly. That wasn?t her way. If you met Sally, you remembered her. And it?s those memories - her smile, her wit, her humour, her love of life, her keen eye for details, and her no BS attitude - that we can cherish and hold dear at this time when we all miss her so much,? she said.

Robbins remembered Hunt for making Pumpkinfest what it was, saying during her time at the event, it received several awards from Festivals and Events Ontario. The one that Hunt was most proud of was the community involvement award.

?She would always say, this award is for everyone and about everyone, and their dedication to the event. This is a perfect example of her selfless commitment to her community, and may illustrate to you how much we as a community have lost in her passing,? Robbins said.

Hunt grew up in Owen Sound but lived in Saugeen Shores for the past 13 years, where she became immersed in the community.

Deputy mayor Luke Charbonneau, who was a Pumpkinfest volunteer with Hunt, said the town has some huge shoes to fill.

?She was one of those people who works behind the scenes on things that everybody cares about but everybody takes for granted. It wasn?t just Pumpkinfest, it was stuff like fireworks, the Santa Claus Parade, all those things that the chamber does, Sally made it happen,? he said. ?And [Pumpkinfest] would not have been as successful as it has been for the last decade if it hadn?t been for her presence.?

Along with the massive vegetables the festival brings to town, Hunt wanted it to bring knowledge and education about food gardening.

She and Victoria Serda, chair of the Saugeen Shores Community Fund, had discussed putting a garden in town, and Serda regrets that they never got around to it.

?The education part of Pumpkinfest was something that was really close to her heart. She thought that food security was an important issue to work on and she wanted people to really understand how to be able to look after themselves,? Serda said.

Although they didn?t get the opportunity last year, Serda and Joanne Robbins are looking to bring that vision to life by starting a garden at Saugeen District Secondary School to encourage young people to get involved.

?I?m sure that by next Pumpkinfest, we?ll have Sally?s pumpkin patch,? she said.​

General Discussion / Re: Applying Lithovit/RTI CalCarb
« Last post by tkeenan on November 11, 2014, 08:28:47 AM »
Can I assume from the title that Lithovit and the RTI CalCarb are the same thing?

General Discussion / Re: Congrats to Joanne Borcsok!
« Last post by BPMailey on November 11, 2014, 08:01:16 AM »
Way to go Joanne!! Congratulations!!
General Discussion / Re: Guinness World Records
« Last post by Dutch Brad on November 11, 2014, 07:24:13 AM »
Here is my more complete (alfabetical) list (without most flowers and fruit), updated with all 2014 results.

* = official but not in Guinness

9.19m (30ft 2in) - Bo Persson - Sweden - 2012
Beetroot (heavy)
28.4kg (62.6lb) - Joanne Borcsok - Canada - 2014
Beetroot (long)
667.3cm (262.75in) - Joe Atherton - United Kingdom - 2014
15.87kg (35.0lb) - John Evans - USA - 1993

62.71kg (138.25lb) - Scott Robb - United States - 2012

Cabbage (red)
19.05kg (42.0lb) - R. Straw - United Kingdom - 1925

29.4kg (64.81lb) - Scott Robb - United States - 2004

Carrot (heavy)
9.07kg (20.0lb) - Peter Glazebrook - United Kingdom - 2014
Carrot (long)
584cm (19ft 2in) - Joe Atherton - United Kingdom - 2007
27.48kg (60.6lb) - Peter Glazebrook - United Kingdom - 2014

33.9kg (74.75lb) - Ian Neale - United Kingdom - 2011
Corn (tall)
10.47m (35ft 3in) - Jason Karl - United States - 2014

Corn (cob)
92.0cm (36.25in) - Bernard Lavery - United Kingdom - 1994

Cucumber (heavy)
12.4kg (27.3lb) - Alfred Cobb - United Kingdom - 2003
Cucumber (long)
*107cm (42.1in) - Ian Neale - United Kingdom - 2011
Field Pumpkin
95.7kg (211lb) - John MacKinnon - Canada - 2014
1.19kg (2.625lb) - Robert Kirkpatrick - USA - 1985

48.04kg (105.9lb) - Scott Robb - USA - 2007

44.0kg (96.9lb) - Scott Robb - United States - 2006
9.75kg (21.5lb) - Paul Rochester - United Kingdom - 2014
Long gourd
353.7cm (139.25in) - Fred Ansems - Canada - 2013
93.7kg (206.5lb) - Bradley Wursten - Netherlands - 2009
8.48kg (18.7lb) - Tony Glover - United Kingdom - 2014
Parsnip (long)
628.1cm (247.3in) - Joe Atherton - United Kingdom - 2014
Parsnip (heavy)
7.85kg (17.3lb) - David Thomas - United Kingdom - 2011
4.98 kg (10.98lb) - Peter Glazebrook - United Kingdom - 2011
Potato (sweet)
37.0kg (81.6lb) - Manuel Perez - Spain - 2004

Pepper (sweet)
* 620.57g (1.37lb) - Steven DeRycke - USA - 2012

Pepper (chili)
* 350g (0.77lb) - Risto Uotila - Finland - 2014

1053.7kg (2323lb) - Beni Meier - Switzerland - 2014
Radish (heavy)
31.1kg (68.6lb) - Manabu Oono - Japan - 2003
Radish (long)
191.7cm (75.5in) - Masaji Goto - Japan - 2013

Runner bean
130cm (51.0in) - Harry Hurley - United States - 1997
54kg (119.05lb) - Ian Neale - United Kingdom - 2013
715.8kg (1578b) - Scott Holub - USA - 2014

Sugar beet
71.05kg (156.6lb) - Piet de Goede - Netherlands - 2005

Sunflower (tall)
8.03m (26ft 4in) - Hans-Peter Schiffer - Germany - 2009
Sunflower (head)
82.0cm (32.25in) - Emily Martin - Canada - 1983
3.81kg (8.41lb) - Dan MacKoy - United States - 2014
17.7kg (39.2lb) - Scott Robb - USA - 2004

*158.98kg (350.5lb) - Chris Kent - USA - 2013

29.25kg (64.5lb) - Bernard Lavery - United Kingdom - 1990
General Discussion / Re: Congrats to Joanne Borcsok!
« Last post by phunt on November 11, 2014, 06:44:14 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Congrats to Joanne Borcsok!
« Last post by Pumpkin Shepherd on November 10, 2014, 04:20:39 PM »
I think she used seed from Kevin Fortey but I'm not 100% sure.
General Discussion / Re: Guinness World Records
« Last post by Pumpkin Shepherd on November 10, 2014, 04:18:48 PM »
Thanks, That's a great list. I already copied it into a file to keep and update so its easy to find. I wish I would have known about the heaviest bell pepper. I grew two this year that were bigger than the record but could never get a definite answer to what the record was. This is great to have this all in one place. Maybe a great next step is to add an Ontario or Canadian record to these so it gives us all a target in our sights.
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