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Upcoming Events, Weigh-offs / Re: ERIN FALL FAIR WEIGH OFF INFO
« Last post by John B. on September 06, 2016, 03:48:30 PM »
Is there a Howard Dill award
Upcoming Events, Weigh-offs / ERIN FALL FAIR WEIGH OFF INFO
« Last post by Pumpkin Shepherd on September 06, 2016, 02:09:44 PM »
I finally got the website updated for the Erin Weigh Off. PLEASE NOTE - we now have 4 separate classes of GIANT VEG (Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Long Gourd, and Other) each with it's own healthy prize payout. The Erin Fair Board would really like to see Canada's first One Ton pumpkin, so check out the website to find out how someone could win $12,000 for a 1st place giant pumpkin. Mark your calendar for THURSDAY, OCT 6th at 7PM (registration starts at 5PM). Make sure to check out the "Rules" section for all the other info you need. Any questions? Just ask. Hope to see lots of you there for another fun night. Make sure to bring the kids as well, the Midway is open Thursday evening for $2 rides.
General Discussion / Re: Show me yours 2016
« Last post by louis-claude on September 06, 2016, 01:27:34 PM »
wOW !! Your doing good on your 1463 again this year ,
Your starting to know what doing in there , what a nice plant for september
you should make a two pictures photo to compare the one you got now from last years 1463

l-c ;)
Upcoming Events, Weigh-offs / Re: Port Elgin details...?
« Last post by Lookajook on September 06, 2016, 12:26:53 PM »
Hey thanks Jeff, nice to see.

...and physical address is 650 Green st. N0H2C0...
 for those looking to do a 'virtual drive' before running the gauntlet ;)
Probably two things. I'm taking the year off next year so I can get some things done that should have been addressed years ago. I need a direct power line to my patch instead of just extension cables. I can only run two heaters (more and the breaker pops off) and I really think you need heating cables and heaters in your cloche. The other big thing is to start seeds earlier. Maybe even the first week in April. It is so ingrained in us older growers that you start on the 20th or so that we lose a lot of growing time. You really need to be pollinating in mid June now due to the longer growing time these new pumpkin lines have.
General Discussion / Re: Show me yours 2016
« Last post by cowpie on September 06, 2016, 10:36:40 AM »
Foliage looks great Ryan. Not much of a stretch to say you've got a chance at a new provincial record.
General Discussion / Re: Show me yours 2016
« Last post by Ryan H on September 06, 2016, 09:50:15 AM »
1725 Harp
General Discussion / Re: Show me yours 2016
« Last post by Ryan H on September 06, 2016, 09:36:54 AM »
Where u at Ryan ,,,  8)

Took the long weekend off from the garden. I took some pics this morning with the sun coming up. What weather eh? 31 today and 30 degrees tomorrow.

1725 Harp is a late pollination. Now 338 OTT Day 49

1625 Gantner is on Day 62 and should be over 400 OTT in the next day or two

1463 Hoelke is Day 63 and now over 400 OTT

Don't beat yourself up Phil. The vacation memories last a lifetime but the pumpkins turn to mush in 2 weeks.

This is my first year not living at the house that I garden at. I have a lot of respect for anyone who grows and commutes to the patch. It's a lot tougher. Next year I'm going to put in a wireless switch for watering. They have them for houses now, where with an app for a cell phone and a simple wi-fi connection, you can control all the lights in your home no matter where you are.

Same idea for my pump switch. I can control it from my phone. It's only a $150 part hooked into the garden shed, and will allow me to water from anywhere in the world, even though I'm usually only 20 minutes away from my plants.

I've struggled with watering this year when I'm not close to the garden.

We're going to have to stop travelling in the summer. The last 3 years our pumpkins have split were on years that we travelled in late August. I think in the future that we'll grow every other year & give our patch a rest in between. Hopefully we can figure out our splitting issues.

Good luck,
Jane & Phil
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