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(Kirk Chenier)


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Al Eaton - Glenn Cheam - Norm Craven - Fred Hain - Bill Greer - Jim & Marilyn Ives
George Lloyd - John Lyons - Dave McCallum - Arnold Vader - Doug Court - Ben Johnson
Todd Kline - Kirk Chenier - Phil and Jane Hunt

Founding Members

Al Eaton

Al Eaton accepts his HOF plaque from GVGO President Phil Hunt

Al Eaton with his world record breaking 1446 pound pumpkin at Port Elgin Pumpkinfest (2004)


Glenn Cheam

Glenn Cheam with Hall of Fame plaque


Norm Craven

Norm with his World Record rutabaga


Bill Greer

Dave McCallum (left) and GVGO President Phil Hunt (right) accept the HOF plaque on behalf of the late Bill Greer

Bill Greer poses with one of his giant pumpkins


Fred Hain

From left to right: Kirk Chenier, Fred Hain, John Butler, Phil Hunt


Jim & Marilyn Ives

From left to right: Kirk Chenier, Jim Ives, Marilyn Ives, John Vincent


George Lloyd

George Lloyd (left) accepts his HOF plaque from GVGO President Phil Hunt

George Lloyd poses in his patch


John Lyons

Chris Lyons (left) accepts HOF plaque on behalf of his father, John Lyons, from Phil Hunt (right)

John Lyons poses with two of his giant tomatoes at Port Elgin Pumpkinfest


Dave McCallum

Dave McCallum (centre) accepts his HOF plaque from Russ Landry (right) and Phil Hunt (left)

Dave McCallum at Port Elgin Pumpkinfest 2007


Arnold Vader

From left to right: Phil Hunt, Arnold Vader, John Vincent, Kirk Chenier

Arnold Vader poses with his 1378 Pitura fruit taping 350"+

Doug Court

Ben Johnson

Todd Kline

Home Town – Shawville, Quebec

Years Growing – 25

Personal Bests – 1507 lb Pumpkin, 1279 lb Squash, 136 3/4" Long Gourd, 190 lb watermelon,


  • Won Orange Jacket in 1999
  • Won 11 GPC events for pumpkin including traveling to Windsor NS and winning and meeting and becoming friends with the Dill's
  • Won 3 Howard Dill awards
  • Won Port Elgin 2014 for pumpkin and squash
  • Current Quebec record holder for squash, long gourd, and watermelon

Kirk Chenier

Home Town – Warsaw,ON

Years Growing – 5 (retired for now)

Personal Bests – 1066 lb Pumpkin, 55 lb Cabbage, 108 lb watermelon, 675 lb squash

Accomplishments – Gave many hours to the club as a regional rep and then eventually the President of the club. Enjoyed working with the many executive members to better the club and mold it into what it is today. Met many new growers who I now call my friends and look forward to meeting with them at the seminars and weigh offs. I can say that I accomplished the feat of maintaining my growing to be “fun”!

Phil & Jane Hunt

Jane & Phil Hunt Jane & Phil Hunt

Home Town - Cameron, Ontario

Years Growing - Started growing in 1991 (23 years)

Personal Bests - 1678# Pumpkin, 1233# Squash, 222.4# Watermelon, 7.33# Tomato, 93# Cabbage, 175# Field Pumpkin, 123" Long Gourd, 96.5# Rutabaga


  • Founding members of the GVGO
  • Phil served as the 1st GVGO President (2005-2009)
  • Jane has been the GVGO's Treasurer since the inception of the club
  • Phil continues to serve as the GVGO's Eastern Rep
  • 1st growers to be awarded the GVGO's prestigious Master Growers Jacket
  • GVGO Growers of the year 2010 & 2013
  • Inducted to the GVGO Hall of Fame in 2010
  • Inducted into the GPC Hall of Fame in 2013
  • #2 World for Pumpkins in 2009 - 1678#, Canadian Record at the time
  • #2 World for Squash in 2013 - 1233#
  • #2 World for GPC Master Grower in 2010 & 2013
  • #1 World for Tomatoes in 2010 - 7.33#, Our 7.33# tomato still ranks as one of the largest tomato ever grown - All-time.
  • 1st place finish for pumpkins at Port Elgin in 2009 & 2013, 1st place Squash at Port Elgin in 2013. 1st place finish pumpkins at Pembroke 2008 & 2010, 1st place in Wellington in 2006 & 1st place at Woodbridge in 2013
  • Many 1st place finishes in the other categories such as Watermelons, Tomatoes, Long Gourds, Cabbages, Field Pumpkins & Rutabagas (currently the Canadian Record at 96.5#)

Founding Members

Glenn Cheam
Alan & Sharon Eaton
Adrien Gervais
Phil & Jane Hunt
Phil & Kathy Joynson
Russ Landry
Marc Levy
George & Deanna Lloyd
Chris & John Lyons
Bob & Elaine Mackenzie
Dave McCallum
Savio Spada
Paul and Candy Dettweiler

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