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Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario

839 Hunt403 views
926 Hunt388 viewsJane Hunt poses with the 926
s 1160.5.jpg
Fred Hains With his 1160.5 # pumpkin433 views
Chris Lyons with long gourd & pumpkin.jpg
Chris Lyons with his 897# pumpkin & 105" long gourd397 viewsChris Lyons with his 897# pumpkin & 105" long gourd from 2003
John Lyons 04 pumpkin - 1043.jpg
John Lyons with his 1043# pumpkin from 2004394 viewsJohn Lyons with his 1043# pumpkin from 2004
Chris Lyons 984# pumpkin - 2004.jpg
Chris Lyons with his 984# pumpkin - 2004429 viewsChris Lyons with his 984# pumpkin - 2004
John Label Pic.jpg
721.5 Vincent 04393 viewsHere's my baby from 2004. She was a 1458 Whittier 03 X 1172 Greer 02. It went 19% heavy. So far the ofspring have been very aggressive!
Darrell Leonard and his 1039 pound pumpkin373 viewsDarrell proudly poses with his 1039# pumpkin at the Port Elgin Weigh off in 2004.
Eric Sundin and his 690# pumpkin418 viewsEric removes this huge splitter from his patch. Cross is 889.6 Sundin x 1446 Eaton and was 43# heavy according to the charts. Sorry it split on you, Eric.
Margaret Sundin and one of the big ones487 viewsMargaret poses with one of the bigger pumpkins in their patch. It is est. at over 800# and this is only mid Aug. I hope you can keep it together.
Jane with the 947 Hunt518 viewsJane Hunt poses with the 947 Hunt grown from the 1446 Eaton. It split in early august @ 630# and continued to grow for over 3 weeks. We weighed the pumpkin in pieces and the total was 947#. It's walls were over 13" thick in spots.
Phil J. & his 988# pumpkin (1370 Rose x Self)467 viewsPhil Joynson shows off his 5th place pumpkin at the Niagara weigh off. Nice pumpkin, Phil
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