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Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario

Al Eaton and his unofficial 122" Long Gourd813 viewsAl shows off his unofficial record 122" Long Gourd. Nice job Al.
Al Eaton with a few Long Gourds757 viewsAl Eaton shows us a few of his Long Gourds from the 2005 season. The two biggest are 109" & 106".
Chris Lyons with long gourds 2005.jpg
Chris Lyons shows us the Long Gourds he and his Dad, John are growing.815 viewsChris shows us the long gourd crop of 2005. John & Chris Lyons are both avid growers of Long Gourds and both are considered among the best long gourd growers out there.
Gant McGregor & Dustin Mathonia with Grant's 2004 WR 114.75" Long Gourd601 views
Grant McGregor's Guinness's Book of WR Certificate for his Long Gourd426 views
Grant & Dustin with the 2004 WR long gourd490 viewsGrant & Dustin had to dig a hole below his Long Gourd to give it more room to grow.
Ian Paton & his 111" long gourd379 viewsThe long gourd was grown on the 98inch Gipe.
Johannes Offermann with the 2007 European Record 112.28 Offermann 07310 views
Todd Kline's World Record Long Gourd273 views128.56" Kline 09
2009 European Record238 viewsJohannes Offermann with the 2009 European Record
112.91 Offermann 07
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