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Pumpkin Germination Tutorial by Jordan Rivington

Welcome the my seed germination tutorial. I hope that this will eliminate any questions you may have about Atlantic Giant pumpkin seed germination. We all know that in this sport, one of the most important ingredients for a great season is the magic seed. Sometimes we come across this elusive seed, but almost always can only find one.

You only get one chance with this seed, so this is no laughing matter. You have to make sure that every step is done properly, or you risk losing your seed and having to settle for a backup...which can be germinated using this guide if you didn't use it the first time.

I used these steps to germinate 10 seeds from the 125 Spada (724 Pley x 904 Northrup). The results follow at the end of this tutorial, but trust me, they are promising. If you have any questions about this tutorial, please feel free to contact me. My email is Thanks for using my tutorial.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Seeds
  2. 1 paper towel per seed
  3. Drywall sanding block
  4. Marker
  5. Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution
  6. Plastic cup with water
  7. Germination chamber (green tupperware)
What you will need...

Here is the magical seed. Notice the edges around the whole seed are uniform in colour, plus the entire seed looks healthy, has no cracks, mold, etc. on it.

The magical seed

Put the sanding block on your lap and rub the seeds edge on the block until you see a darker line forming on the edge of the seed. This is the second layer showing through the first which was sanded off. Do this around the seed getting as close to the pointy tip as possible...BUT DO NOT DAMAGE IT.

Sanding the seed edges

Now we will get closer to the pointy end by holding the seed between thumb and finger and sanding with the block (with respect to the picture) up and down with the edge. This will allow you to get right up to the tip with damaging it.

Sanding the seed tip

When the seed(s) is done being sanded, put into a plastic cup in a solution containing 10% of the 3% hydrogen peroxide and 90% water. Let them soak for 8-24 hours (your preference). Note: All seeds in study germinated @ 32 hrs.

Soaking the seeds

Soak a paper towel with the same solution we are using for the soak.

Full sheet soaked

Fold the sheet in half down.

Half sheet soaked

Fold in half again to the right.

Quarter sheet soaked

In half down again

Eighth sheet soaked

In half to the right again

Sixteenth sheet soaked

Finally, in half down again

Thirty second sheet soaked

Now place the sheet between your palms and press as hard as you can. You will end with a sheet that almost feels dry and looks quite flattened.

Squeezed sheet

Begin un folding the sheet in the same steps, but in reverse starting with a fold up...

Sixteenth pressed sheet

Followed by a fold to the right...

Eighth sheet pressed

Finally another fold up.

Quarter sheet pressed

Now, place the seed in the upper right corner, of the bottom left quadrant, as seen here.

Seed on sheet

Fold the top down.

Seed folded once

Now fold to the right.

Seed folded twice

Press firmly between palms again.

Pressed seed

Place in a half sized ziploc snack bag. Label with seed information, sand date, and bagging date. This will allow us to track how long things take using this method.

Labelled bag

It is critical to keep these seeds at the proper temperature for germination. 85-90 F (29-31 C). I use a homemade germination chamber which is simply a tupperware storage container with a folded up heating blanket at the bottom.

Germination chamber

I like to put a magazine....


And a plate into the chamber to ensure the blanket does not heat the seed directly. This could damage some roots when they emerge.


Place bag with seed in it on the plate along with a thermometer to keep track of current temperature. You should begin checking the seeds after 12 hours, then every 4 hours until all seeds have sprouted. If a seed has not germinated within 4-5 days, I would say is it not going to.

Bag on plate

The results.......32 hours from filing, all 10 have sprouted. I should have checked a little sooner. Any seeds that have the tip point down (like first 2 on top row) should be planted tip down (round end of seed coat down). Otherwise plant the seed (like rightmost on bottom) with the point tip of seed coat pointing down.


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